Ftp Header

Your website header has to be effective and stand out without overwhelming the page content. Following are listed some basic elements that should be possessed by website headers to make them effective.

Firstly, your header should include the company logo preferably in the left of the text as this will immediately notify visitors where they have landed. A harmonizing background color scheme, suitable font of the header and its colour, effective use of images in the header section and right sized headers will all together go to ensure that the reader continues reading the text and takes the required action.

File Transfer Protocol, active ftp, passive ftp | 146 X 316

IP Security: A Brief Survey | 501 X 341

SMD149, Trivial FTP Server | 351 X 420

IP: The Next Generation | 468 X 574

Juniper Networks [SRX] FTP packet is dropped by FTP ALG due to | 228 X 809

Configuring FTP 7.5 with Host Header and SSL – WebTopics | 294 X 436

Chapter 2. Planning a Network | 272 X 298

Managing Oracle SOA Environment [10g/11g]: Writing same file to | 601 X 678

Airtel | 493 X 638

Session Control Protocol (SCP) | 300 X 580

Airtel | 493 X 638

Session Control Protocol (SCP) | 300 X 580

Ftp smtp | 546 X 728

McAfee Support Community Web Gateway: Understanding FTP over | 174 X 511

Shivkumar Kalyanaraman Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 01 1 | 720 X 960

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